A Few Updates And December Map

  • Frontier pack items now have icons in reward shop. – All shop items should have proper icons now.
  • Animal AI has been restored. – Since we have the extra FPS with the server move, animals are now roaming again.
  • New event – We are looking at a couple of options for a new server event for next wipe.
  • December map will be more standard. – We have selected a standard procedural map for December, but have slightly customized it to remove a little of the clutter (road side power poles and electrical boxes for example). We are still testing it out to make sure it all looks right. Because of these changes, the directory will still shows us as “custom map”.
  • For December, we are looking at restricting the number of turrets that can be placed per building, or re-enabling the FacePunch limit. Some players have complained about the client side lag faced when a base with 30+ turrets takes on convoy or the armored train. While the effects of this are minimal on the server side, clients can see lag especially if they are on older hardware. No decision has been made at this time yet. There is a Discord poll available to collect input.