Raidable Bases Loot

The loot tables used by Raidable Bases have been updated. There are still some tweaks that need to be made, but players should see more loot in their raids now.

Of course, Raidable Bases still randomizes the loot in each base. However, the tables are more compact and should produce better results now.

Crafting Menu At Workbench

The extra crafting menu (where you can craft things like targeting computer, 16x scope, etc.) at the workbench has been temporarily patched by the plugin author.

Now when you place a workbench, a tool chest will also appear. You can open this chest to access the menu.

Some notes:

  • If you have already placed a workbench, you will need to pick it up and place it again before you see the tool chest and are able to access the menu.
  • Workbenches with the tool chest can’t be picked up with the hammer. You must use the /remove command to pick the workbench up. (It will be placed back in your inventory with this command.)

NPC Raiders Update

/raidme has received a hotfix from the plugin author that should prevent NPCs from spawning under the map in some situations.

If you still experience this issue, please let us know via a ticket in #admin-help on our Discord.

Remember: We can’t help you with lost items or repairing damaged bases when you use this plugin. Use of /raidme is at your own risk. This includes damage/loss caused by stuck NPCs.

Fixed Issue With Store Items Not Stacking

Just pushed a fix for some items purchased from the store not stacking correctly with items found/crafted in the world. This mostly applied to ammo, but some other items were also affected.

If you’ve purchased items from the store prior to this fix that are not stacking correctly and wish for them to be fixed, please open a ticket in #admin-help on our Discord and we will update the items for you manually. Please have them in a separate container at your base before opening the ticket and keep in mind it may take some time before we get to it.

Weapon Mod Stacks And Clothing Stacks

A while back, we had to disable the protections that kept players from dropping an entire stack of mods onto a weapon or an entire stack of clothing on themselves. We re-enabled this protection a few months ago.

However, we are disabling this protection again after events from today.

So keep in mind that if you now drop an entire stack of a mod onto your weapon, it will indeed put the entire stack on your weapon. If you then lose your weapon, you will also lose all the mods in that stack. So when pulling a mod over (or an item of clothing) either use the splitting bar to select only 1 or you can right-click and drag the mod over directly from the stack. Right-click dragging will also only pull one item from the stack.

We apologize that this has to be done, but battling lag (even that caused by other players) is one of our top priorities.

Recycler Update

The 40/60 recyclers that FacePunch introduced have been modified to 60% all around. For reference, prior to May wipe all recyclers had a 50% efficiency. So all recyclers should see an output boost from last month now. Don’t forget, you can craft your own personal recycler by using /recycler.craft. All of our commands are available on our Commands page.

May 2024 Wipe

Feels like we just posted the April wipe message a few days ago and BOOM here is May! Here are our changes/pending items for this wipe. Enjoy!

  • Chopper Survival Event – Removed pending update from author.
  • Bradley Guards – Removed while we look at the new built-in guards that spawn when attacking Bradley.
  • New SKS – Available now in the shop!
  • Recyclers – Facepunch decided to play around with recyclers. We are waiting on a plugin update so we can adjust these new settings.
  • We don’t pay taxes here! – Facepunch introduced taxes at workbenches this wipe. These have been disabled.

As always, if you run into any issues, PLEASE make a ticket on our Discord in #admin-help so we can be made aware of it and look into it for you.