Slower Up and Down

The /up and /down commands have been slowed down to prevent larger bases from affecting server performance when running the commands. We also suggest using the /bgrade command to auto upgrade building blocks when placing them.

We will continue to evaluate these new settings and adjust as needed to balance speed and performance.

Shop And Item Retriever Updates

  • Item Retriever has been updated to support the new built in backpacks. This means items stored in that backpack (if equipped) will auto pull as needed (like with the backpacks plugin). However, it is force enabled with the built in backpacks and can’t be toggled off like the backpack plugin currently. Maybe there will be an option to toggle it later on.
  • Shop has been updated to correct an issue with cooldowns (mainly the personal heli and server kit).

February Wipe

Welcome to February 2024! Sorry for the late post, but here are some of the current changes:

  • Car Radios now work with the attack helicopter.
  • Shop has been upgraded to allow favoriting of items. Items you star will now be listed in the Favorites category for easy access.
  • Metal Detectors! These are craftable items and are also available in the shop.
  • Raidable Bases has been updated. One notable change, players who purchase a raid base can not purchase another raid until their last raid base has despawned. This is separate from the purchase cooldown.
  • Players are now limited to 1 legacy wood shelter “s*** shack” at a time.
  • Some other new items:
    • Shovel – Currently only available in the shop.
    • Small and Large backpacks. Small backpacks are craftable, large backpacks are available in the shop. NOTE: Unlike the backpacks plugin we have, these backpacks will drop when you die. So better to keep using the backpack plugin we already have if you want to ensure your items stay with you.
    • Dragon Rocket Launcher and Chinese New Year Spear – Added for Chinese new year. Both items are in the shop.

Performance Monitoring Next Few Days

We are running some performance metrics for the next few days or so to try and locate some issues we’ve seen. However, running these metrics also means a possible hit to performance while they run in the background. While this should be minimal, please let us know via Discord if you see any extreme lag/rubber banding so that we can address it. The plan is to let these run until the Wednesday 5pm reboot.

Teleport Changes and More On Conveyors

/outpost and /bandit will no longer teleport you if you are considered hostile. It will also inform you of this upon trying to teleport. This change will be applied at the upcoming 5am reboot Sunday morning.

Just two days into wipe, we already see abuse of the industrial conveyors again. We are trying not to ban folks over this as we understand that most don’t understand how this affects performance for everyone else. So now when we find folks abusing, a first offence will have their conveyors reduced to vanilla speed and excess connections will be removed. This includes the contents of any crates that are removed. Continued abuse past that will result in a ban. Please be sure you read the rules.

New Monument NPC Changes

The following changes will be applied at the 5:00am reboot on Saturday (next reboot):

  • Lab workers in the underground area of Factory will no longer have grenades. The guards above ground will continue to have them.
  • Village NPCs will now have pump shotguns with handmade shells rather than LRs.

NPCs At Village and Factory

Forgot to post this yesterday. The NPCs at Village and Factory have been adjusted to have a lower damage multiplier and higher aim cone (they deal less damage and have worse aim) so as not to down players as quickly. They are now more in line with the other NPCs.

January Wipe and New Monuments!

Welcome to January! Some new items this month:

  • Backpack storage increased to 144 (3 pages)
  • 2 new monuments. Village and Factory
  • Slower conveyors. – Sadly, due to continued abuse, we have had to slow the conveyors down some.
  • Raidable Bases will now show a red dome around them when locked to a player/team.

Don’t forget to look at the last change log also to see what else has recently changed.