Plugin Help

Help and additional information regarding some of our plugins. (work in progress)

  • Building Skins
    Building Skins lets players skin certain tiers with compatible skins via the /bskin command. The following skins are available for the listed tiers: After typing /bskin in chat, the GUI loads. Click the graphic or the double arrows of the building tier you want to skin. The graphic will cycle through the available options. Click … Continue reading “Building Skins”
  • NPC Raiders
    IMPORTANT: NPCs WILL DAMAGE YOUR BASE WITH THIS PLUGIN. Call NPCs to run a raid on your base with different levels of raiders. Each level increases the raider’s weapons, health and armour. Recommended that expert and nightmare levels not be done by single players. The NPCs’ goal is to reach and destroy your TC. Commands … Continue reading “NPC Raiders”
  • Raidable Bases
    Raidable Bases provides NPC bases that players can raid. The server will maintain one random base and players can purchase their own base using their Server Rewards points. Random bases will be locked to the first player/team that attacks while purchased bases are automatically locked to the player (and their team) that purchased it. Players … Continue reading “Raidable Bases”
  • Water Bases
    Key items to remember: Players can now create water bases in game. These bases are deployed on the top of the water and follow the same stability as normal bases. Each base is currently allowed 40 foundations (square or triangle) and each building block can be upgraded to the metal tier. To craft a water … Continue reading “Water Bases”