Building Skins

Building Skins lets players skin certain tiers with compatible skins via the /bskin command. The following skins are available for the listed tiers:

  • Wood: Frontier and Gingerbread
  • Stone: Adobe, Brick and Brutalist
  • Metal: Container

After typing /bskin in chat, the GUI loads. Click the graphic or the double arrows of the building tier you want to skin. The graphic will cycle through the available options. Click apply to select the shown skin for that tier. Close the GUI by clicking the X. The selected skin will now be auto applied to any blocks that are upgraded to that tier.

To apply a selected skin to a base that’s already built and upgraded to the tier you want, look at the base and type /bskin build. Your skin must be already selected in the GUI. This will update ALL compatible tiers of your base to the selected skin for that tier. So if you have a combo of metal and stone, the selected skins for those tiers will be applied with this command at the same time.

If you are placing new building blocks with a /bgrade level set, the blocks should auto skin as you build. However, if upgrading or downgrading a base with /up or /down, the skin may not auto apply and you will have to use the /bskin build command to skin your building.

For more information on /bgrade, /up and /down commands, see Info/Commands.