Change Log

Changes to server settings are listed here. This does not include updates from FacePunch.

  • Bikes Now Available With /buy!
    The new bikes are now available via Vehicle License (/buy). The direct commands are:
  • FacePunch Punches Us In The Face!
    FacePunch released a mandatory Server/Client update this morning after only a few hours notice, while most were sleeping, and with only a short term update to staging (beta) branch first. This forced update has caused several plugins to break. While we are monitoring for updates, most plugins “appear” to be working again as of now. … Continue reading “FacePunch Punches Us In The Face!”
  • July Wipe – Bikes and Bandit’s Back
    Half the year is already gone. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to know where it went! This month, Facepunch has released bikes to Rust. These can be found at various monuments. There are two manual bikes (standard bicycle and a tricycle) and two motor bikes (standard and with sidecar). We also expect … Continue reading “July Wipe – Bikes and Bandit’s Back”
  • Removed Rocket Launchers – Factory Guards And Village Idiots
    Rocket launchers have been removed from the Factory Guards (at Factory) and Village Idiots (at Village). This is to fix possible NPC raids of player bases that were built too close to these monuments.
  • Raidable Bases Loot
    The loot tables used by Raidable Bases have been updated. There are still some tweaks that need to be made, but players should see more loot in their raids now. Of course, Raidable Bases still randomizes the loot in each base. However, the tables are more compact and should produce better results now.