Change Log

Changes to server settings are listed here. This does not include updates from FacePunch.

  • Ranch Horses Moveable Again
    Facepunch finally fixed the stuck horses at Ranch. Players can once again buy horses there if desired.
  • Patrol Heli No Longer Crashes At Monuments
    FacePunch introduced a change to Patrol Heli that caused it to always crash at a monument when shot down. This has been changed back so that the heli will crash just like before (over the area it was actually shot down at).
  • Recycler Update
    The 40/60 recyclers that FacePunch introduced have been modified to 60% all around. For reference, prior to May wipe all recyclers had a 50% efficiency. So all recyclers should see an output boost from last month now. Don’t forget, you can craft your own personal recycler by using /recycler.craft. All of our commands are available … Continue reading “Recycler Update”
  • May 2024 Wipe
    Feels like we just posted the April wipe message a few days ago and BOOM here is May! Here are our changes/pending items for this wipe. Enjoy! As always, if you run into any issues, PLEASE make a ticket on our Discord in #admin-help so we can be made aware of it and look into … Continue reading “May 2024 Wipe”
  • Water Bases Live
    Water Bases are now live. For more info, see Water Bases in our Plugin Help section. If you experience any issues with this new plugin, please make a ticket in #admin-help on our Discord.