Information And Commands

Attack Heli Turret – Single players can fire the attack heli turret if a gun is installed. Players need to map attack3 to the key of their choice. By default, this should be your middle mouse button (scroll wheel aka mouse2). If you have mapped mouse2 to another command, you can map it back with bind mouse2 +attack3 in F1 console. You can also map another key by replacing mouse2 with the key you want to use. Example: bind z +attack3 or bind space +attack3.

/attachradio and /removeradio – Attach or remove a radio on a vehicle.
/bgrade – Auto upgrade your base as you build it.
/br – Toggle base repair. One hammer strike repairs all base damage.
/bskin – Select skins for building tiers. See tab at left for more info.
/buy – Buy a vehicle. Includes Attack Heli, Mini, Scrap Heli, Horses, Cars, Subs, Snowmobiles, and boats including tugboat.
/buyraid – Buy a raidable base. See tab at left for more info.
/flimit – Check your current foundation usage against the server max.
/home – Set and teleport to a home location.
/outpost and /bandit – Teleport to Outpost or Bandit Camp. (We currently use a combined Outpost, so /bandit should take you there.)
/kit – Receive kits
/poker craft – Craft a deployable poker table. /poker info – for details.
/pr – Access Player Rank leaderboards.
/raidme – Call NPCs to raid your base. See NPC Raiders in Plugin Help for more info.
/recycler.craft and /recycler.balance – Craft a personal recycler or check your balance remaining.
/remove – Access remover tool.
/shop – Access the rewards shop.
/sb – Access Skinbox
/sd – Access Skinbox for an already deployed object (Must be looking at it).
/share – Share your entity that you are looking at with all players on the server. If it’s locked, they will still need key/code. Useful if you are giving loot away to anyone.
/share <playername> – Same as above, but only share with the playername provided.
/sharelist – List players you’ve given access to your entity that you are looking at.
/sil – Used to post an image URL to a sign (/sil <URL>). Images are logged, READ THE RULES!
/tc – Check your TC usage.
/tpr <playername> – Send a teleport request to named player. Player can accept with /tpa
/trade – Trade items with other players.
/unshare – Remove the all players share. Does not remove individual player shares if they have been assigned.
/unshare <playername> – Remove the provided playername from the list of shared users. See /sharelist for list of players with rights.
/up and /down – Upgrade (or downgrade) your base to the next tier of building materials. Use tier number to go direct to that level. Ex: /up 4 to go straight to HQM.
/wipe – Wipe your account manually before server wipe day if you want to start fresh. WARNING! This is irreversible! If you chose Buildings, it will wipe ALL your deployed entities on the map. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!