Water Bases

Key items to remember:

  • Water foundations must first be crafted with the building planner.
  • After placing the first foundation, you place additional foundations with the building planner using the ‘floor’ building block.
  • Maximum foundations per base is currently 40. This may change later.
  • You must build in water that is at least 2 meters deep.
  • You can not build too close to oilrig.
  • You can not build in the cargo ship path (see /draw_cargo command below).
  • You can reinforce your foundations by hitting them with a hammer (must have additional water foundations in inventory). This will also let you build down under the water.
  • Remover tool will not refund a water foundation but rather just the wood or other base resource from the foundation.
  • Teleport and /homes will not work to/from water bases.
  • Waves can temporarily block placement of deployables on the first level. Either wait till the water lowers back or place items on a second floor.
  • Remember the no griefing rules. Don’t block entire waterways and don’t encase monuments. If you do, your base(s) will get removed.

Players can now create water bases in game. These bases are deployed on the top of the water and follow the same stability as normal bases. Each base is currently allowed 40 foundations (square or triangle) and each building block can be upgraded to the metal tier.

To craft a water foundation, take out your building planner then click on the appropriate GUI button that appears (open your inventory with the planner in your hands to use your cursor). Square foundations cost 100 wood and 200 metal. Triangle foundations cost 50 wood and 100 metal. Craft all the foundations that you need before proceeding.

With your foundations crafted, head out into the water to place your first foundation. You should see the water foundations in your inventory. Pull them down to your hotbar if not already there and select them to deploy just like any other deployable. NOTE: The foundation will appear as an innertube while placing and will change to a foundation once placed.

Once you have your first foundation placed, switch to the building planner and select the floor building block. You can then extend your base out with the planner and the other foundations will be automatically removed from your inventory when placed.

Once your foundations are placed, you can build your base just as you would any other base. If you want to build below the water, reinforce your foundations by hitting them with your hammer. You must have additional foundations in your inventory before doing this. Once reinforced, you can then build downward.

Please note that the plugin should prevent you from building in the path of the cargo ship as cargo WILL destroy any sections of your base it runs into. It’s highly recommended that you run /draw_cargo to view the path of cargo before deploying a base. This command will show you a series of spheres that represent cargo’s path. Occasionally, there may be gaps in the path as shown below. Do not build in these gaps as cargo still moves between them and WILL destroy your base if you do.

Gap in cargo ship path as shown by /draw_cargo. Do not build in the gap!