December Wipe and News

Welcome to December wipe! We are back on a standard map for this month. We also have a few new features and settings. Rust also celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary this month!

We have a new event this month, Gas Station Event. Rival gangs, the Vagos and the Ballas are in a shootout at Oxum’s. Choose a side and be rewarded for helping to eliminate the other gang. Or take out both gangs and receive all the rewards.

Other server changes for this month:

  • Auto turrets are now limited to 12 per building. You must have a TC down on the building before placing an auto turret as well. We will continue to evaluate client side lag caused by turrets and make adjustments to this if needed. If you notice client lag from turrets, please open a ticket in #admin-help on our Discord and let us know. Be sure to note your map location on the ticket.
  • We will now be enforcing the 6-in/6-out limit on industrial conveyors. For more info, see Rules.
  • Monument NPC health has been increased some. We may also scale their damage up slightly, but not much, in the coming weeks.
  • We are also looking at adding more NPCs across the map. More on those later.