Unscheduled Wipe And Removal Of Windmills

Unscheduled server wipes are not something anyone likes, especially us. But given the constant server performance (or rather the lack of performance) we did issue a wipe about an hour ago. At the moment, everything seems to be working much better. Players should still have access to their backpack contents pre-wipe. We ‘may’ also look at letting players keep backpacks across the next force wipe coming up on November 2nd.

Another change made with the unscheduled wipe was the removal of windmills. We polled our Discord and received unanimous support for their removal to help reduce client-side lag. Windmills can no longer be crafted or placed. They have also been removed from the loot table. Windmills are still listed on the craft menu, but you will not be able to actually craft them. To help, the cost of Test Gens in the shop (/s) has been reduced to 50.