Weapon Mod Stacks And Clothing Stacks

A while back, we had to disable the protections that kept players from dropping an entire stack of mods onto a weapon or an entire stack of clothing on themselves. We re-enabled this protection a few months ago.

However, we are disabling this protection again after events from today.

So keep in mind that if you now drop an entire stack of a mod onto your weapon, it will indeed put the entire stack on your weapon. If you then lose your weapon, you will also lose all the mods in that stack. So when pulling a mod over (or an item of clothing) either use the splitting bar to select only 1 or you can right-click and drag the mod over directly from the stack. Right-click dragging will also only pull one item from the stack.

We apologize that this has to be done, but battling lag (even that caused by other players) is one of our top priorities.