November Update

Welcome to November everyone. This month, Facepunch released their new Frontier pack available in the Rust item shop. Please consider purchasing it to support continued development of Rust. Several of the items from the pack have been added to the rewards shop (/s). NOTE: As of the time of this post, the icons for these items are not yet available, so they only show as the black and white Rust logo. We are also aware that the new items have not yet been added to Stack Modifier. This means those items will have Vanilla stacking for now. We will post an update once the stacks are updated.

This month, after a majority vote on Discord, we are running a custom map to get into the winter spirit (more snow). As such, we have made sure to add electric heaters to the shop as well to keep you nice and warm inside your base. Don’t forget to grab a test gen in the shop also to power them!