New Features And Limits For A New Year.

As we get ready to ring in the new year, we are releasing several new changes to the server:

  • Playtime rewards are back! Earn RP just for playing the server.
  • Personal recyclers are now available. Players are given up to 2 recyclers per wipe. Players can craft a recycler by using “/recycler.craft”. You can pickup a recycler by hitting it with a hammer. Check your balance remaining with “/recycler.balance”.
  • Foundation limits have been increased to 300 per player.
  • TC Limits have been increased:
    • Single Players: 8
    • Teams of 2: 16
    • Teams of 3 or more: 24
    • New leaderboard system (Player Rank). Use /pr to access leaderboard.

These new limits are subject to change based on performance.