May 2024 Wipe

Feels like we just posted the April wipe message a few days ago and BOOM here is May! Here are our changes/pending items for this wipe. Enjoy!

  • Chopper Survival Event – Removed pending update from author.
  • Bradley Guards – Removed while we look at the new built-in guards that spawn when attacking Bradley.
  • New SKS – Available now in the shop!
  • Recyclers – Facepunch decided to play around with recyclers. We are waiting on a plugin update so we can adjust these new settings.
  • We don’t pay taxes here! – Facepunch introduced taxes at workbenches this wipe. These have been disabled.

As always, if you run into any issues, PLEASE make a ticket on our Discord in #admin-help so we can be made aware of it and look into it for you.