July Updates

  • New provider – You will need to locate the server in the rust server list again.
  • Foundation limits increased to 200 per player.
  • NPC Raiders added. Users can now call NPCs to raid their base. Details are available in /info on the server. Note: you must be auth’ed to TC for 12 hours before calling a raid. This is to help lower chances of a nefarious player calling a raid on your base after they gained auth to your TC. And of course – Lock your TC!
  • Jet Event is now live. Fighter jets will spawn, fire one mlrs each (no base damage) and one should crash as well with loot. Support will be flown in for the downed pilot as well. Missile radiation is not currently active.
  • Heli Refuel event is now live. Some Heli’s (not those tied to train or convoy) may need to land for fuel providing a prime time to attack.