February Wipe

Welcome to February 2024! Sorry for the late post, but here are some of the current changes:

  • Car Radios now work with the attack helicopter.
  • Shop has been upgraded to allow favoriting of items. Items you star will now be listed in the Favorites category for easy access.
  • Metal Detectors! These are craftable items and are also available in the shop.
  • Raidable Bases has been updated. One notable change, players who purchase a raid base can not purchase another raid until their last raid base has despawned. This is separate from the purchase cooldown.
  • Players are now limited to 1 legacy wood shelter “s*** shack” at a time.
  • Some other new items:
    • Shovel – Currently only available in the shop.
    • Small and Large backpacks. Small backpacks are craftable, large backpacks are available in the shop. NOTE: Unlike the backpacks plugin we have, these backpacks will drop when you die. So better to keep using the backpack plugin we already have if you want to ensure your items stay with you.
    • Dragon Rocket Launcher and Chinese New Year Spear – Added for Chinese new year. Both items are in the shop.