April Wipe

Wow…April already?

BIG ITEM: We are aware backpacks are not working right. You can access 1 page of a backpack by using /backpack The plugin author said to expect an update in about 8 hours. FIXED!

Here are some of the changes for this month:

  • Slightly smaller map size. – Reduced from 4500 to 4000.
  • New minigun and military flame thrower! – These are available in the shop.
  • New Tool Cupboard – The new “retro” tool cupboard is now available. This tool cupboard will have a display screen that shows upkeep time. While it’s listed as it’s own item, you can also skin a standard tool cupboard.
  • New Harbor designs – The new Harbor designs are now live. Some of the NPCs around Harbor are currently not spawning in right, so you may see some floating in the air for now. Also, the Harbor Bradley may be stuck in place. We are waiting on an update for this plugin.
  • Oilrig Moon Pools – Oil rigs now have a moon pool that will allow players to use a sub to access the rig. Players will then have direct access to the second main level of the rig (L3). The moon pool on large oil also provides access to the catwalk area just above the water (L1).